Superman Cake for Boy’s Birthday Party

adminJune 27, 2014
superman wedding cake topper
Having a great party is one of the dreams of the children. In their age, children usually dream a lot about such fun things like playing with friends. By having a birthday party, they absolutely feel great because children love not about how best the party is but how they could play with their friends. […]

Thomas the Train Cake for Toddler’s Birthday Party

adminJune 27, 2014
thomas the train cake
Seeing your baby grown up is one of the happiness that you might ever felt. The ages when your baby start to become a kids is the phase that you will miss. Celebrating their newly phase is one of the things that you suppose to do. Having a birthday party for your toddler can become […]

Treasure Chest Cake for Girl’s Birthday Party

adminJune 27, 2014
treasure chest cake
Celebrating her birthday is one of the best gifts that she might ever get from you. By arranging and preparing a nice birthday party for her, you will see a bright face come from hers. There are some tips that you can do in conducting such nice birthday party for your girl. The main thing […]

Some Modifications of Sunflower Cake and Its Common Colors

adminJune 27, 2014
sunflower cake decorations
Sunflower is the kind of flower that is popular in kids’ and boys’ world because it is often used for the brand of some products. There is the sense of friendly in this kind of flower since it can be modified in some ways for making it more friendly, for example by creating the sense […]

Wrestling Cakes for your Active Boy’s Party

adminJune 27, 2014
wrestling cake ideas
An active kid usually loves to play such sport action. He might even dream and be inspired with such sport action. One of the sports that usually kids want to see is the wrestling game. It is such kind of hard sport and even not appropriate for children. However, many children love it. You can […]